Welcome to the 6 Week Challenge!!


Option #1- Saturday, 1/23, 10AM - Noon

* Wear workout clothes.

* If you paid for measurements, arrive between 9:20AM & 9:50AM to get weighed in.

Option #2- Monday, 1/25 6PM - 8PM

* Wear workout clothes.

* If you paid for measurements, arrive between 5:20PM & 5:50PM to get weighed in.

Option #3- Virtual Orientation

* You can watch at your own convenience.

* All Em's Fitcamp Classes & Beginner Classes will have a make up option for your baseline workout on Monday, 1/25.

* TEXT Emily at 859-609-2778 to schedule your weigh-in and baseline if you can't make a Monday class.











  1. IMPORTANT: Click HERE to sign the challenge contract.

  2. CLICK HERE to sign the COVID 19 Waiver. 

  3. Download and Register the Newport Fitness App BY FRIDAY, 1/24 Noon if you have not already.

  4. Download and Register the My Fitness Pal App BEFORE the seminar. 

  5. CLICK HERE to join the challenge facebook group before the seminar.


Let's Do This!!

You are encouraged to pre-register for class.


1) CLICK HERE using our website. 


2) Use the schedule tab of the Newport Fitness App (must be registered on the app in order to be able to do this). 


  • Any Em's Fitcamp Class

  • Any Beginner CrossFit Class

  • Any Boxing Bootcamp Class

  • Any CrossFit/Fitcamp Combo Class

  • You can eventually attend the regular CrossFit Classes once you have completed 9 Beginner Classes. Exceptions are made for those who have completed a beginner program at another CrossFit gym. 








We are excited to get your new health and fitness journey started! 

We will do our very best to offer you a full program of exercise, nutrition and motivation! Our training staff wants the very best for you as well as our awesome community of members! 

We look forward to getting to know you and to help push you through these next 6 weeks! 

Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. 









How do I register for classes?

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