Newport Fitness App

STEP #1: Download & Register the Newport Fitness App.

STEP #2: To VIEW DAILY WORKOUTS, click on the WOD screen.

STEP #3: To REGISTER FOR CLASS, click on the schedule tab. There are separate tabs for CrossFit, Em's Fitcamp Babysitting and "My Classes" listed at the top of an iphone OR click on the 3 dots to bring the dropdown menu for an android. Scroll through the days using the arrows.

Click on the class you wanted to attend and hit "Check In." To verify you did it correctly, refer to the "My Classes" tab to view any upcoming classes you successfully registered for. You may need to refresh the app before checking.

To cancel a registration, go to the "My Classes" and Click Cancel. Even if you are still showing in the list of attendees, as long as you are removed from My Classes, you have done it correctly.

ATEP #4: If participating in Beginner CrossFit Classes, please check off each skill as you complete it. To do this, Click on the My Scores tab. Then click on the Skills tab. Place a check mark next to each skill completed.

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