6 Week Challenge Update & Options

May 18, 2020 

Hello 6 Week Challengers! 

Thanks SO MUCH for your continued patience on this communication. We know that having your 6 week challenge abruptly interrupted due to the Covid 19 virus has not been an ideal way to complete a challenge or establish a new fitness routine. Below I have outlined several options to choose from, as far as restarting your challenge. We will be sending out a text with a link for you to choose which option you prefer. If you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to respond to the text and we will help you as best as we can. Please note that we have already refunded everyone $50 who paid for the weigh-ins. We will not have a winner for either challenge.

We have also listed your end of challenge options as far as setting up contracts, refunds and an alternative option to help our business out during these tough times. You do not have to make your decision on this option until your challenge is over.


6 Week Challenge Restart Options

OPTION #1 - Completely restart your challenge on Saturday, 6/20 (Our next 6 week in person challenge)

This option will give you the full 6 week experience since a halt in the middle of the challenge was not ideal. Anything you have done prior to this will NOT be counted. It will be a complete blank slate.  If you were no where near hitting the attendance goal, you should definitely choose this option. 

OPTION #2 - Pick up where you left off & Choose your start date back. 

We know that some people had requested holds prior to the shutdown date of 3/18. Therefore, we will count your last day attended as where you left off and add the remaining days. There are 42 Days in the challenge. 


2/17 Challenger. Last day attended was 3/13. Wishes to resume challenge on June 1st. They completed 25 days of the challenge. They will have 17 days left in the challenge and also 17 more days to try and hit the 24 class attendance goal. Last day of Challenge would be 6/17. 

3/9 Challenger. Last day attended was 3/17. Wishes to resume challenge on July 1st. They completed 9 days of the challenge. They will have 33 days left in the challenge and also 33 more days to try and hit the 24 class attendance goal. Last day of Challenge would be 8/2. 


We understand that there will be some people who wish to choose this option but may not be sure which date they feel comfortable returning. For this instance, you can just write in TBD and can contact us when you are ready to resume. 

End of Challenge Options

If you have already signed up for a 9 month contract taking the early bird extra incentive, we will allow you to change your mind due to the current circumstances. You will have until the end of your challenge to make your decision.


OPTION #1 - 9 Month Contract


By taking this option, you forego your refund and the $150 challenge price + an extra $100 that we throw in will be applied towards a 9 month contract. If you took or take the early bird incentive, you will receive $150 + an extra $125 towards a 9 month contract. 


This is only an option IF YOU HIT THE ATTENDANCE GOAL. We completely understand that there are people out there who are financially suffering due to the Covid 19 effects. We are happy to issue you a refund and will fulfill our contract promise. 

However, we do ask that if you are not suffering financial hardship that you strongly consider option #3 if you do not wish to sign a contract. Our business is struggling and will continue to struggle for the foreseeable future. Our staff has been informed that there will be major cuts in hours due to the 10 weeks of 100% loss of income.  Any refunds will contribute further to our loss of income and further cutbacks for our employees. 


Please note that we have provided you with a service for 6 weeks and did our best to provide you with challenging classes, a nutrition plan and nutrition seminar. We go above and beyond to provide you with a fun, memorable experience. We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us thus far and will do our best to continue to offer a top notch service beyond these 6 weeks. We sincerely ask that you consider option #3. 

OPTION #3 - Take an additional 6 weeks of membership for free instead of the refund

This is only an option IF YOU HIT THE ATTENDANCE GOAL.This 6 week membership will include all class options, except boxing bootcamp as we contract this class out. 

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