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Em's FitFEST is a style of workout done every Wednesday that is long and tough and sure to be an incredible workout!  Don't let that stop you though! We cater to all ability levels ages 11 and up. We help you modify according to your own ability.  


Every 60 minute class is led by one or more experienced, motivating trainers who keep you moving!

This class is designed for both CrossFitters, Fitcampers and Newbies.

Starting in May, we will be offering Em's FitKids and CrossFit Kids Classes on Wednesdays (ages 2 - 18), so we strongly encourage a family day of fitness! Drop your child off to the Kids or Teen Class, put the toddlers and babies in the child care and jump into a Fun FitFest Workout for yourself!

We provide everyone with a FREE WEEK PASS to check us out! 

Ready to get started? Our introductory special is 8 weeks unlimited Em's Fitcamp, High-Intensity Mis, Em's Fitfest and Boxing Bootcamp for $140!! 

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