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Unlimited Em's Fitcamp Classes

One Hour Class designed to increase strength and cardio. It's fun and different every day! Always led by an experienced motivational instructor!  All ability levels and ages 10 and up!


Unlimited Boxing Bootcamp Classes

A mix of boxing, body weight and strength stations. No experience required! You will love our high intensity take on boxing!


Unlimited Beginner and Regular CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a mix of strength, cardio and bodyweight movements. It is different every single day. Nobody is evert bored of CrossFit! We take pride on focusing on good technique as you take on a whole new world of fitness skills and weight lifting. Three Beginner Classes are required before entering the regular classes.


Unlimited High-Intensity Mix Classes

These classes are designed for all ability levels. The class always gives options to those wanting to use dumbbells or kettle bells, but are also designed for those wanting to do a CrossFit style workout. 

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