Letter from the Owner

August 28th, 2020 

Hello Newport Fitness Members! 

I apologize for the lack of communication and newsletters since we opened back up. This is long overdue. 

I want to start off by saying that I am extremely grateful that our gym is still open. I feel very blessed that we have been able to survive thus far. I have seen so many businesses announcing their closings. I have met personally with another gym owner who had to close their doors and listened to their painful story as tears dripped down their face.  It truly is heartbreaking. 

There are so MANY reasons as to why we have made it so far and I want to acknowledge the people, businesses and organizations who have helped us keep our doors open. First and foremost, THANK YOU to all of our members who were able to stick with us during these tough times and continue your membership! We feel your love and support every day. We know that not everyone was in a financial position to donate their shutdown credit, but we did have over 50 members who donated all or some of this. WOW! Just incredible! 

Thanks to all of the members who helped in any way prepping as we opened back up with mats, equipment, landscaping, etc, etc! 

Thanks to all of our new members who have joined since we opened back up! There's A LOT of you! 

Thank you to my trainers and administrative staff who have donated  several hours of their time to help out. And thanks to the part time trainers for giving up some of their hours so that our full time staff can stay nearly fully employed. Thanks for the extra work that has been asked of you to keep our place clean and sanitized as well. Thanks to our babysitters for the extra work that has been asked of them to help keep the gym clean and sanitized. 

Thanks to my landlord, who allowed us to forego 2 months of rent during the shutdown.

Thanks to the City of Newport who provided us with a small grant to apply towards our rent. 

Thanks to the Federal Government for the PPE and EIDL loans. Without these, the doors would have probably already closed. 

Thanks to my Momma, Jackie Wags, who works tirelessly for free to manage our administrative duties, retail and keep our babysitting hours available. LOVE YOU! 

State of the Business

Plan to Rebuild & How You Can Help

While we have been able to survive, we still have a LONG way to go. I am grateful that I still have the opportunity to rebuild where so many businesses did not get this chance. 

In 2017, we opened Em's Fitcamp and started running 6 week challenges which helped us to reach out to different clientele and adjust our hardcore image as just a CrossFit gym for the elite athletes. In 2019, I invested in improving the gym aesthetics/increased space and in a program to enhance our ability to reach more people via social media and Boy, did it all pay off! We were able to NET an additional 112 members in just one year! Prior to Covid, we were meeting with my landlord to talk about an expansion plan for the gym to allow us to better serve our current members and allow for more growth. But then.....well, you know what happened!

We have lost the about the same amount of members we had gained in 2019. But now we have more overhead expenses than we we did back then, as we have more classes, more technology, more administrative staff, more babysitting hours and the loan payments from the investment. Everything we had done, all of the hard work, all of the learning, all of the money we invested was wiped away in just a few short months.

BUT I remain positive and am ready to do it all over again and will not accept defeat! This time around, the gym aesthetics are better, the space is larger, our social media knowledge is greater, our technology has enhanced and our staff is the same awesome, friendly staff but now with even more experience. And the best part is we still have our awesome community of members supporting us through these tough times! 

The primary way we gain new members is by offering 6 week challenges. This program is only $150 and includes unlimited classes, a custom nutrition plan, nutrition seminar, before and after baseline workout, food tracking help and a class attendance goal of 24 times. If they hit the attendance goal, they get the money back. Yep! This is real! OR they can forego the refund and the gym will put $250 towards a contract if they want to stick with us, which A LOT of people stick around and this is how we rebuild.

Since we have reopened in June, we have had over 100 people join in on these challenges which is awesome! That was a definite surprise! Two of those challenges have ended thus far and we have recouped some of our lost membership in new contracts. Thanks to our New Members! You Rock! 


We have 2 more challenges left in 2020 before I head into maternity leave. Maternity leave will mean more payroll costs since I won't be able to cover any of the classes. So I am asking for your help! We want to make these last 2 challenges of 2020 our best ones yet. Our goal is 35 people per challenge. Our members really are our best sales reps, as you can tell them first hand about the gym, program and your personal experience. See some ways below to help us hit this goal or further support the gym:

1) NEW REFERRAL DISCOUNT:  If you refer someone who signs up for one of these last two challenges, they will receive a discounted challenge of $125 and YOU receive $25/month off your membership for the next 4 months. 

2) REVIEW OR VIDEO TESTIMONAL: Write a review for us on google or facebook if you have not already. Your stories and words are more powerful than any traditional sales pitch we could ever give. Or provide a short video testimonial that we can share on facebook or instagram (60 seconds or less)

3) SHARE OUR INSTAGRAM POSTS AND ADS: It's easy to share and could lead you to a referral discount!

4) BUY A T-SHIRT: New T-shirt shirt designs are in. See below to pre-order your shirt.

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