Letter from the Owner

April 22nd, 2020 

Hello Newport Fitness Family! 



I miss all of you so much! 6 weeks feels 6 months!I  wanted to provide an update on the Corona Virus Shutdown. We are anxiously awaiting an opening date. However, one has not been provided just yet. As soon as we are given an estimated date, we will communicate this to all gym members. In the meantime, please stay safe and stay tuned! 


Please note that all members are scheduled to be charged as is. As communicated before, you will receive a free period at the end of your contract the length of the shutdown. If you are on a grandfathered membership or pay month-to-month, we will be spacing out the free time period according to last name so it doesn’t hit us all at once when we reopen. More details to come on this later. Should any month-to-month member cancel prior to receiving their free period, we will refund you.  Any member who received financial assistance or requested an account hold, your account has been placed on hold indefinitely. You will not be charged again until we reopen. 


Current 6-week Challengers, we will communicate separately with you several options once we have a date to reopen. We understand that it has not been an ideal situation to have your 6 weeks interrupted. We want to make sure you get the full challenge experience. 


A HUGE THANKS to everyone for letting us continue to run payments as is. These payments have allowed us to continue to pay our required monthly bills that we could not otherwise paid. You are the reason this business is still going! We, like so many other small businesses, have not yet received the PPP funding, but remain hopeful that we will soon. And we TOTALLY understand that not everyone is in a situation to continue their payments due to these unprecedented times. 


We plan to re-open whenever we are provided the permission. We MUST do this to ensure that our business can survive. However, if you do not feel comfortable attending the gym when we reopen, the you will have the option to place your account on hold. Similarly, if you have suffered financial hardship and can’t afford your payment when we reopen, then you can keep your account on hold. 


We will be implementing A LOT Of new social distancing requirements at the gym. Some will be temporary and others will remain. We will release details on this soon. 


During this shutdown period, we have used our free time to clean, organize and renovate areas of the gym. It looks amazing and I’m so excited for everyone to see the improvements! Some notable changes include painting parking lot lines, the lobby, fit camp room, muscle up rig, pull up rigs, weight racks and shelves. The front lobby also has notable aesthetic improvements. The biggest part of the renovation was by far the kids’ room. We have converted this into a kids room/locker room. We will have some guidelines to follow once this room opens up. However, this will be a considered a “common area” and will most likely not be opened up during phase 1. Stay tuned for guidelines to come.


I feel very obligated to mention that 95% of these improvements were done using materials and paint we already had in our back-storage room, my dad’s workshop or his friend’s workshop donations. We have not been irresponsibly spending during a period when we need to be saving. My Dad is a very skilled carpenter and ALL of the major improvements were completed by him, free of charge of course …. well maybe a couple cases of Bud light :) 

The only big purchase was the kid’s room flooring (which honestly was $0.49/square foot at Home Depot on a clearance special). As mentioned in our January newsletter, will be charging an annual$15/child fee for babysitting once babysitting resumes. This will help to cover the costs of the flooring.


Another major addition is a custom weight rack that I had ordered and paid for in January to replace the collapsing shelves in the Fitcamp room. It had a 12-week lead time and will be delivered to the gym during the shutdown. Please know that we absolutely did not order a very expensive piece of equipment during this time frame. 


Most of the painting you will see was completed by the trainers. Shout out to them for their help and hard work! A special THANKS AND BIG HUG to my Dad, who has been skillfully whipping out new shelves, walls, flooring, etc. in no time at all. He is truly talented and I am so blessed to have him as my Dad. Thanks to Alicia, my sister, who has also been at the gym most days helping with all of the improvements, as well and coordinating almost all of the new arrangements! And thanks to my Momma, Jackie Wags, who is going to help me deep clean everything once all improvements are completed. 



Can’t wait to see everyone! Stay safe and keep working hard on those at home WODS!

~ Emily Wagner

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