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Letter from the Owner

November 19th, 2020 

Hello Newport Fitness Members,

Yesterday, Governor Beshear released new, temporary guidelines for gyms, and while they're not ideal, they won't prevent you from working out at Newport Fitness/NewCov CrossFit.

Here is what you can expect over the next 3 weeks: 


All CrossFit Classes will become  "Open Gym CrossFit" and all Em's Fitcamp classes will become "Open Gym Fitcamp."

So, starting Friday at 5pm, these classes will become "On Your Own" Open Gym time slots. You'll still reserve your spot (as if you were headed to a class) on the Newport Fitness app or website. We have updated the classes/open gym times through Sunday. We will have the rest of the 3 weeks of classes updated by this weekend.


NOTE: Friday, 11/20 Evening Classes are as follows. If you had already pre-registered for a class, you will need to re-register as your registration has been deleted. 

3:15PM - Fitcamp, 4:15PM - Fitcamp, 5PM to 7:15PM - Open Gym

3:15PM - CrossFit 4:15PM - CrossFit 5PM to 7:15PM - Open Gym

When you arrive, a Coach will be available on the floor as a monitor to answer questions and help with music, timers, etc but they are prohibited from leading a class. We will have the workout of the day on the TV screens as usual. 

That means you'll arrive and work thru your own Warm-Up and the WOD on your own, to finish up within your hour time slot. Coaches can help answer questions, but you'll need to move thru the pieces as if they were pushing you along, so you don't exceed your hour. If you wish to stay beyond one hour, that is fine, just make sure to sign up for multiple open gym time slots. 


The other significant change from the Governor is that everyone must have a mask on the entire time they're working out. So, that means that no one is allowed to remove their mask anytime they're inside the gym. Please use your best judgement. We do not want anyone to pass out due to restricted breathing or fall due to depth perception inhibited by the masks.




If you are on a contract or grandfathered membership, no changes will be needed if you plan to continue working out during this time frame. We will allow anyone to place their account on hold since we are not able to offer our traditional classes. However, we would like all holds documented, so we ask that you email to set up your hold versus calling or texting. 


This only affects those who had extended their challenge due to travel as all other challenges are complete. We will continue your challenge as normal. Your class options will be open gym as stated above OR private beginner sessions. CLICK HERE to schedule a private beginner class (Full Schedule will not be available until Sunday Afternoon). Private Sessions times will be 5AM, 6AM, 9AM, 6PM, 7PM.


1) Continue on with your special. Your class options will be open gym or private beginner CrossFit Classes. CLICK HERE To schedule a private beginner class (Full Beginner Schedule will not be available until Sunday Afternoon). Private Sessions times will be 5AM, 6AM, 9AM, 6PM, 7PM.

2) We can place your special/account on hold and you can resume this at anytime. Please email to set up your hold. 


Megan will be reaching out to her clients shortly with her interim plan. 


Option #1 - You can continue your free week by attending open gym or our private beginner classes. Private Sessions times will be 5AM, 6AM, 9AM, 6PM, 7PM. CLICK HERE To schedule a private beginner class (Full Beginner Schedule will not be available until Sunday Afternoon).

Option #2 - If you wish to restart your free week at a later date to experience our normal classes, please email and we will be happy to set that up for you. 


Thank you to all of our members for your continued support! These are some tough times and we appreciate everyone's efforts to help keep our gym open and community safe :) 

~ Emily and the Newport Fitness Staff