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July 2021 Newsletter

Our New Loyalty Rewards Program, 

We recently launched our new loyalty rewards program called Referrizer! We want to thank you and reward you for your loyalty to the gym and for your much appreciated referrals! 

Each month, you will receive a text from us that provides an update on your loyalty points (be sure to save this link if you want to access at any time). In addition to viewing your points, you will have the option to refer friends to our upcoming 6 week challenge via text, email or social media using the referral link. 

Here is how you earn points...


  • 1 point for each class check-in

  • 3 points for sharing our offers on social media pages (through Referrizer to get the points).

  • 5 points for providing a review on google or yelp (through Referrizer to get the points)

  • 50 Points + a $20 Gift Card to Amazon for any person you refer that signs up for a challenge or intro offer. If you refer someone and it was not through referrizer, please access the WOD announcements to submit your referral and we will update your loyalty account (this is for any future referrals NOT past ones). 

Rewards Include: 

  • 250 Points = Free T-Shirt 

  • 500 Points = $50 Amazon Gift Card 

  • 1000 Points = $100 Amazon Gift Card 

  • $20 Amazon Gift Card (+ 50 points) automatically provided within 48 hours when you refer someone and they sign up for a challenge or intro special! 

When you click on the referral link (link is in the text), it will look similar to the pics below. 

Our next challenge starts on August 1st. You will receive the link again 2 weeks before the challenge starts and then again each month 2 weeks before each challenge. 

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Partner Competition

  • Fitcamp: 7:30AM - 9:30AM
    (M/M, F/M, F/F)

  • CrossFit Big Turkeys: 10:30AM - 2PM

  • CrossFit Little Turkeys: 2PM- 6PM ​​(M/F)

We are doing an online qualifier for the CrossFit divisions. Your place will determine which division you make, your heat and 100% of the money earned during the qualifier will be used for the prize + 1st place team in the qualifier wins $200! The qualifier must be completed by November 1st.

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Best of luck to Angel as he starts his Dentist residency in Louisville!

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Can't believe it! It's been 10 amazing years since we opened the doors of what was originally called CrossFit Covington.

Save the date for a super fun 10 year anniversary party on September 18th. We will have a catered dinner and all you can drink. We will have a video presentation highlighting the past 10 years and lots of awards and acknowledgements to everyone who has been a part of this awesome journey. And of course lots of games and dancing!

I truly thank everyone (current and past) from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our awesome fitness family! You guys are what make this place so special and makes my job the best job I could ever ask for :) 

Click HERE to join the facebook event

10 Year Anniversary Party!
September 18th

Farewell to Angel!


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Did you know we have a hair salon in the back of the gym?!

15% OFF

To all Newport Fitness Members


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Kevin Jones

Text or Call


Active Physical Therapy
Rachel Kimes (Hicks)

Coach Rachel has been coaching at NewCov for 6 years now, starting as a CrossFit coach at only age 15! She did not let her age stop her from taking command of the class and showing off her Olympic Lifting coaching ability. Rachel has a great technical eye for the Olympic lifts which is a hard thing to master, but she also compliments this with a friendly attitude day in and day out. Thanks so much Rachel for your hard work over the years. I am so happy to have you as part of the team :)

And a few quotes from our members...

"Rachel is an exceptional coach and person. She is a bottomless well of information and guidance. Her fine tuned skills are easily communicated to others, and often lead to improved movements or developing new skills. Her ability to motivate is also impressive, she can motivate you to get your ass up and back in the fight.
She balances all this while becoming a nurse, being a new wife, and an awesome mother! She’s great with all the kids in the gym, showing she can get along with every member!" 

"Can’t say enough about Coach Rachel! This little lady is the “Bee’s Knees”! Her knowledge of Olympic lifting, workout approach, and overall passion for seeing everyone do better is too flight"

"Rachel has always been an exceptionally knowledgable coach, and always goes the extra mile to get the best out of you, while ensuring you’re improving your technique along the way! All while being a fantastic mother and exceptional young lady!"

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This is our first community event back since covid. We are so excited to get back to regular scheduled fun! We have missed you all and want to continue to ensure we are growing as a FAMILY! 

So, we are going to group up at the gym and tailgate together. Mingle, hang out & drink a few before the reds game. The game starts at 7:10. Below is a link to buy tickets! Section 524, Row L has ariund 15 seats open together for anywhere 13-30 bucks. If you want to just in or near that area, I'm sure we will all try to move around and try to be together!

We will start tailgating at the gym around 3, start heading towards the game around 630ish. We will put out tables for food to bring. If anyone can bring a grill (James i'm looking at you) that would be awesome & we all pitch in things to grill! BYOB & bring some dishes or snacks. We can provide tables for food, plates, silverware & cups.

PLEASE BRING GAMES! CORNHOLE, KAM JAM & WHATEVER ELSE. lord knows we love a little competition. (maybe we will finally use that basketball hoop inside?)

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Lindy Zeff
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The Wiesners

Congrats to Lindy Zeff! 


Lindy has been a member of the fitcamp fam since October 2020. 

"Lindy is consistent in her Fitness, always welcoming to new members and engaged in class! She puts in time and hard work!! Mornings are always more enjoyable with Lindy as she dances her way through WODs!!!

PS..... she also comes in the evening to celebrate with others the Member of the Month WODs!!! I would LOVE to see a few PMers make the early morning trip to the gym to celebrate with her!!!"


- Coach Adam

"She’s dedicated, always has a good attitude and loves to dance to the 2000s pop and hip hop!"

- Coach Vicky

"I love Lindy! She is so excited. Even at 5am, she’s thrilled. Her desire & attitude is always on point & a pleasure to have."

- Coach Quel



Congrats to Alex, Sam, Sara and Alana!


These girls have been members longer than our Mindbody system dates back, so I am not exactly sure of their start date but it's been at least 7 YEARS!! 

"I have watched these girls grow up over the years. They all are phenomenal athletes and always have a smile on their face. From crossfit classes, to personal training, crossfit competitions and National Weightlifting meets (for Alana) - these girls give it all they have and I have enjoyed coaching them every step of the way. They are easy to coach because they listen and pay attention to detail and they are fun to coach because they are always laughing and enjoying their sister's company. How fun to have a hobby all your siblings can enjoy together day in and day out. 

Thanks for your constant support and loyalty to this gym over the years. It means a lot! We are so lucky to have you as part of our fit fam!" 

~ Coach Emily 

"The girls are wonderful. They’re such a joy. Apart and together. They support each other and always hype each other up. They’ve all done barbell also & it’s been such a pleasure to Coach the entire clan!"

- Coach Quel 

It’s always fun seeing all the sisters in class together! They are so supportive of one another and a real joy to have in class. 


Special shout out to Alana- a few years ago that girl herniated a disc, she was in so much pain but still came to class with a smile on her face and did what she could. She has come back so much stronger!!

-Coach Rachel 


2021 July Employee of the Month
2021 July Members of the Month