September 2020 Newsletter

Corona Virus Update

Since we have reopened in June, we have done our best to abide by the social distancing mandates and suggestions to keep our community safe, while also balancing these efforts to keep our gym afloat financially. We thank you for your efforts as most of you have been very compliant with our new rules, but we do on occasion see people disregarding our temporary polices. Below is a list of reminders of what we need from everyone to help keep our gym operational and open to as many people as we can legally  and safely accommodate.


  • We ask that you not attend the gym or bring your children if displaying any flu like symptoms. This is a standard that we ask all year round. 

  • Upon entry, please use hand sanitizer, grab a disinfectant bin, find an open square/line and start gathering the equipment needed for the entire workout.

  • Please keep your distance as you pass people. Even though you may not care about the distance, the person you are passing just might. Please be respectful of their space.

  • Once you have completed your workout, please wipe down all equipment with disinfectant including your FLOOR space, pull-up rigs, hspu mats, etc. REMOVE ALL TAPE FROM PULL UP BARS. If we continue to see tape left on the bars, we will consider outlawing it completely or charging a fine. 

  • People are now permitted to do their own programming in lieu of the class, but we have received several complaints since we have allowed this. We are PLEASE asking anyone choosing this option to abide by the the following rules: 

    • You MUST pre-register for any class you are present at to make sure we can accommodate the 23 person limit. 

    • If we have reached the 23 person capacity limit, then you must leave or relocate to the fitcamp room if available. 

    • If you use any equipment outside of traditional programming, then that must be disinfected - sleds, ropes, blocks, ski ergs, rings, hand prints form hs walks, GHDs, bikes, and again tape MUST be removed from the pull up rigs after use. 

    • And just in general, we ask that you plan your workout accordingly so that during our class warm up you are not doing the following activities which are very distracting to the class and coach - dropping barbells, rowing, ski ergs and double unders. Under the new format the warm ups are ONLY 10 minutes long, so this is only a short time you need to halt loud exercises. 

Thanks for your cooperation! We hope that some day we can lift our capacity constraints and resume a normal class schedule. 


Members Only

Newport Fitness

Partner Competition

Saturday, October 17th

Fitcamp Division = 8AM to 11AM

CrossFit Division = 

11AM to 2PM

Registration & WODS available this weekend.


Did you know we have a hair salon in the back of the gym?!

15% OFF

To all Newport Fitness Members


Active Physical Therapy
Bella Bar Hair Salon

NewCov's New Year's 

Barbell Blitz

**Open to all Gyms**


Saturday, January 16th 

Teams of 4

(2 Males/2 Females) 

Scaled Division: 7AM

Rx Division: 11AM


Welcome to our Fit Fam, Adam!

Best of Luck to Coach Johnny who will be opening his own personal training/athlete training facility in the near future. He will no longer be coaching as he focuses on opening his new business, but you will still see him around for a little while longer with his personal training clients. Big Thanks to Johnny for all of the great coaching and programming over the years and for the laughs :)  You will be missed! 

Best of Luck, Johnny! 
September Employee of the Month
September Members of the Month

We are excited to announce that we have hired another coach, Adam Seibert! He is a former member of NewCov CrossFit and now rejoins us with a background in coaching bootcamp style classes. We love his high energy and engaging personality and think he will be a great addition to our team. He will predominantly be teaching our fitcamp classes. Welcome to our fitness family!  

**We apologize for the delay on the t-shirts. They should be in by the end of next week. Fall Sweatshirts will be available by this weekend for pre-order. We will have sample sizes/colors available next week. Last day to pre-order will be Friday, 10/2. Sweatshirts will be in by 10/23. Logos and colors shown below. 

Fall Sweatshirts! 

Not only did Matthew win our July weight loss challenge and crush his baseline time, he finishes every class with a smiling face and clapping hands cheering on his fellow fitcampers. We LOVE his positive attitude and are happy to have him as part of our fit fam! 

Bailee has been working VERY hard and hitting PRS's left and right! She's there almost every day with a smiling face. She is also a NewCov Cheerleader helping us to spread the word with her referrals and posts. Thanks Bailee and Keep Crushing it!!

Nick was here every step of the way during the shutdown taping and editing every online video. His help with our social media accounts and ads have taken us to the next level on member acquisition. He always has a friendly welcoming face and attitude for anyone walking in the door with questions. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work!

6/20 Challenge Winners! 

Most Improved Baseline -

Chris Evans 2:42 Faster

Weight Loss Champ -

Michael Baird

Lost 10.8 # and 4.25 In.

7/11 Challenge Winners! 

Most Improved Baseline -

Angela Wolfe - 3:18 Faster

Weight Loss Champ -

Matthew Brown

Lost 9.1 # and 8.25 In

8/1 Challenge Winners! 

Most Improved Baseline -

Bridget Stadmiller - 4:31 Faster

Weight Loss Champ -

Andrew Roake

Lost 16.5# and 10.5in.

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