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April 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Bryan Wetmore & Kaela Freppon!

"Kaela is a total bad ass! She was in her 9 month of pregnancy and working out like it was nothing. Super impressive! Bryan has been very involved after only recently joining. He was there on the dreaded mat moving day and worked his butt off! Kaela and him also placed in our annual team weight loss challenge. Thanks for being a part of our fit family!

- Emily, Owner

"Kaela and Bryan are the most competitive & loving people. They are the description of fun, hardworking & a joy. They always bring their best. Never complain. Take to everything I give them. & probably a healthy amount of couple competition everyday!"

- Coach Raquel

Fitcamp - Ashley, Norman and Wyatt Roark!

"Ashley and Norman are always a pleasure to have in class! I love seeing how they push each other every workout! Its a blessing when Wyatt jumps into class!! His energy is infectious and he gives THE BEST hugs!! Thank you Roark Family for being an amazing part of our FitFam! #WhoopWhoop

- Coach Adam

"So happy to have the Roark Family as part of the gym! Love their involvement and Wyatt is a such a pleasure to be around and looks out for Stevie in the babysitting room, which I very much appreciate :)"

Employee of the Month

Adam has gone above and beyond to help out these past couple of months! Let's start with his amazing efforts at bringing both his crossfit and fitcamps teams to victory in the Newport Fitness Open. His team rocked some amazing costumes and he encouraged team participation, which ultimately helped take the win! He also spent many extra hours helping with score sheets, scoring entry and set-up for the WODs. In addition to this, he has been putting in the extra work to help with the renovations - whether it be laying/rearranging ALL the fitcamp mats, moving the shelving, hanging timers, etc., etc. He has also helped to arrange fitcamp social outings, fun WODS, such as his Bday celebration and Easter WOD. His Fitcamp classes ARE PACKED because people love his infectious personality and amazing coaching style. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! You are a rockstar and we are so lucky to have you as part of the team!




DATE: THIS Saturday, April 30th - 2PM

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We are super excited to announce that Megan's MPIRE Boxing Bootcamp is now officially a part of the Newport Fitness Program!

Megan is an incredible instructor. She has created an awesome and super motivating class that incorporates a lot of Fitcamp and CrossFit elements combined with boxing stations. Her members LOVE her and her awesome programming!