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April 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Bryan Wetmore & Kaela Freppon!

"Kaela is a total bad ass! She was in her 9 month of pregnancy and working out like it was nothing. Super impressive! Bryan has been very involved after only recently joining. He was there on the dreaded mat moving day and worked his butt off! Kaela and him also placed in our annual team weight loss challenge. Thanks for being a part of our fit family!

- Emily, Owner

"Kaela and Bryan are the most competitive & loving people. They are the description of fun, hardworking & a joy. They always bring their best. Never complain. Take to everything I give them. & probably a healthy amount of couple competition everyday!"

- Coach Raquel

Fitcamp - Ashley, Norman and Wyatt Roark!

"Ashley and Norman are always a pleasure to have in class! I love seeing how they push each other every workout! Its a blessing when Wyatt jumps into class!! His energy is infectious and he gives THE BEST hugs!! Thank you Roark Family for being an amazing part of our FitFam! #WhoopWhoop

- Coach Adam

"So happy to have the Roark Family as part of the gym! Love their involvement and Wyatt is a such a pleasure to be around and looks out for Stevie in the babysitting room, which I very much appreciate :)"

Employee of the Month

Adam has gone above and beyond to help out these past couple of months! Let's start with his amazing efforts at bringing both his crossfit and fitcamps teams to victory in the Newport Fitness Open. His team rocked some amazing costumes and he encouraged team participation, which ultimately helped take the win! He also spent many extra hours helping with score sheets, scoring entry and set-up for the WODs. In addition to this, he has been putting in the extra work to help with the renovations - whether it be laying/rearranging ALL the fitcamp mats, moving the shelving, hanging timers, etc., etc. He has also helped to arrange fitcamp social outings, fun WODS, such as his Bday celebration and Easter WOD. His Fitcamp classes ARE PACKED because people love his infectious personality and amazing coaching style. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! You are a rockstar and we are so lucky to have you as part of the team!




DATE: THIS Saturday, April 30th - 2PM


We are super excited to announce that Megan's MPIRE Boxing Bootcamp is now officially a part of the Newport Fitness Program!

Megan is an incredible instructor. She has created an awesome and super motivating class that incorporates a lot of Fitcamp and CrossFit elements combined with boxing stations. Her members LOVE her and her awesome programming!

For ONLY AN EXTRA $5/month (no contract commitment), all members can add unlimited boxing classes to their existing membership. For those who wish to do boxing ONLY, the cost is $60/month or $100/10 Class Pass.

WANT A FREE TRIAL? Text Emily at 859-905-0271 to add 3 Free Boxing Classes to Your Account.

Class Times Include:

Tuesdays: 5:15AM - 6:15AM

Thursdays: 6PM - 7PM

Fridays: 5:15AM - 6:15AM

Saturdays: 9AM - 10AM


Announcing the 2022 Newport Fitness Open Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone for participating in the Newport Fitness Open! We loved watching you push yourself each and every week on the open WODs! The spirit of the community was infectious and we so feel so very lucky to have so many awesome members as part of our Newport Fitness Family!

Special Congrats to our Open Champs, TEAM #WHOOPWHOOP ON BOTH THE CROSSFIT & FITCAMP SIDE. Coach Adam and his amazing teammates have taken the crown from our reigning 2-time Champion, Coach Raquel "Average isn't enough."

Open Awards Include:

* Team #whoopwhoop - Fitcamp Champion T-Shirts

* Team Free 3 Month Membership Winner - Missy White

*Team #whoopwhoop - CrossFit Champion T-Shirts

*Team Free 3 Month Membership Winner - Sarah Tomasetti

* Participation - Trista Williamson

* Top Female CrossFit Athlete - Jenn Lehan placed 554th in the World! Free 6 Month Membership

* Top Male CrossFIt Athlete - Ryan Winkler placed 2755th in the world


We are excited to announce that we have purchased an InBody Analyzer!

This is an awesome machine that allows you to measure not only Body Fat %, but skeletal and muscle mass and water weight and BMI. It gives you an exact estimate of body fat loss to achieve ideal conditions.

You will have your own unique ID that allows you to compare your measurements over time.

Pricing Options

1) 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

$40 For Current Members

$30 For Challengers

WINNER wins a Free 3 Month Membership!!

Starts at the start of every 6 week challenge. Upcoming challenges:

4/25 (or anytime this week. Sign up by monday, 5/1)



2) Monthly Package (Unlimited Use) = $20/Month (2 Months Minimum). Can cancel any time after the 2 months.

3) Annual Package (Unlimited Use for 12 months) = $150



We always have members wanting to repeat the 6 week challenge for the attendance accountability; however, we can't allow repeats for financial reasons. Here is our NEW solution for existing members needing help with accountability!

6 Weeks of Accountability - Starts at the start of every 6-week challenge. Upcoming challenges include:

  • 6/6

  • 7/11

Cost = $100. Goal = attend 24 classes in 6 weeks. You can attend multiple classes/day and open gym. If attending open gym, YOU MUST FIND A TRAINER to check you in. We can also extend out your 6 weeks for the duration of your travel period if stating the vacation/travel time prior to the challenge starting.

Our administrative staff will text you every week to let you know how many classes you have attended thus far AND will reach out if you start falling off track to help you hit that goal.

If you hit the goal, we give you 50% of the money back, 15% is put into a pot and 35% goes to Newport Fitness. At the annual membership appreciation party, anyone who hit the goal will be put in a drawing to win the annual pot that builds each challenge (even if not a member still). Minimum pot will be $500. If you do not hit the goal, 100% goes to the house.



You are now able to schedule your classes using the Newport Fitness App on the schedule tab. If you visit the My Classes Section on the schedule tab, you can see a list of your past attended classes and upcoming booked classes.

You can see the number of people who are signed up for the class but unfortunately are not able to see who has registered for the class, but we are working on adding this back in and hope to have it ready soon!

If you receive an error, there are 2 possible reasons:

1) Your glofox email does not match your Newport Fitness email address. Sign out of the Newport Fitness app. Click on the WOD tab and Register at the top a new email address and password that matches your glofox email.

2) You have already registered for the class. Check the My Classes tab to be sure.

If you are still unable to schedule classes, please text 859-905-0271 and we will help you get it fixed!


Building renovations are almost complete! Thank you so much for your patience and putting up with the mess and disorganization. a

Here is a list of improvements made thus far:

  • The Lobby/Front entrance has been relocated to the CrossFit side including our new sign!

  • Active Physical Therapy has been relocated to the CrossFit side just behind the new front desk. Be sure to stop in and check him out if needing any physical therapy needs!

  • A new hallway from the new entrance directly to kids room has been made.

  • We tore down the rest of the wall in the CrossFit area and added mats to expand the crossfit space. We replaced a lot of the old mats and repositioned them to get rid of the cracks as best as we could. We still have a few more finishing touches to get the mats in order.

  • We built up the kids room wall up to the ceiling to make it quieter and also enclosed the kids area to keep them from the lockers, ice machine, etc. This created a separate locker area/lounge. We still have a few finishing touches to put in place here.

  • We relocated Bella Bar Hair Salon, to the existing front lobby. There is a new hallway between the salon and front restrooms. Be sure to check out Bella Bar hair salon for all your styling needs!

  • All four restrooms have been painted. New flooring was added to the front restrooms. All new paper towel, hand soap and toilet paper dispensers have been added.

  • We knocked down the original Salon and Physical Therapy Walls to expand the Fitcamp area, adding more mats and turf. A retractable divider wall to allow for multiple activities at once (such as personal training, beginner crossfit and bringing back some kids classes, etc.) will be coming soon as well as new signage and another pull-up rig.

Upcoming Renovations Include (Spring/Summer)

  • A second floor office and storage area will be built above the new lobby.

  • Painting the outside of the building and making some other aesthetic improvements (Coming Summer/Fall)

  • New outdoor signage (Coming Summer/Fall)

  • AC for kids room, new entrance and locker room (Coming Spring/Summer)


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