Coaches' Corner: Walker Wesdorp

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Fitness and health has always been a part of Walker Wesdorp’s life. In high school, he participated in wrestling, track and field, and hockey. While attending the University of Kentucky, he says he played almost every intramural sport his fraternity participated in. For the past seven years he’s done CrossFit, always talking about getting his Level I Certification and coaching. About a year ago, that became a reality when he started coaching at Newport Fitness. “My wife was tired of me talking about it and not taking any action and finally signed me up,” Wesdorp says.

Wesdorp with his wife, Christine.

Wesdorp coaches Regular CrossFit and Em’s Fitcamp classes, enjoying both. “Newport Fitness is one of the most elite gyms in the Tri-state area with some of the most highly-skilled and competitive members,” Wesdorp says.

Although Wesdorp doesn’t necessarily have a specific coaching philosophy, he understands the impact he has on an athlete’s experience in class. “My wife made a comment signing up for a class at the different gym. (She said) ‘I don’t want to do that class because the coach isn’t motivating,’” he says. “I think about that all the time.”

Wesdorp tries to lead by example by following strict nutrition and fitness routines. He follows Ryan Fischer’s Carb Cycling Challenge. Wesdorp says he notices the greatest results when he increases carb intake during and after workouts. On the fitness side of the equation, Wesdorp thinks accessory work is some of the most important. “I suffered a shoulder injury early last year and continue to do scapula strengthening, serratus anterior work, and other rotator cuff work daily.”

Wesdorp snowboarding with friends.

When he’s not at Newport Fitness, you can find Wesdorp working in the IT department of his family’s business, Jewel-Craft Inc., hiking, travelling, or snowboarding. In fact, he has a group of twelve friends that go on an annual snowboarding trip. “We all grew up going to Perfect North together and have remained close friends through our shared love of mountain sports.”

In his short time at Newport Fitness, Wesdorp has formed strong bonds with his fellow coaches and the members. He says that the family created at Newport Fitness is the strongest he’s experienced. “Everyone is so inviting and always happy,” Wesdorp says. “A person’s time spent at the gym is usually the best time of their day and it really shows at Newport Fitness.”

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