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January 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Chelsey Harshman


"Chelsey is one of the driving forces behind out amazing community! Her smile will brightens your day and her humble strength is encouraging to all!! Oh and let's give her hair flip and toss the applause it deserves!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ"

- Coach Adam

"Been pushing herself in the gym during workouts and asking for help on things. Had done a great job of implementing the tools given to her and working hard on those tools/coaching tips."

- Coach Will

"Chelsey is a hell of an athlete, she's crazy strong & a huge contributing member to this community. She won't put her stuff away until everyone's done & she's cheering them on. She's a light to have."

- Coach Raquel

Fitcamp - Jared Williamson and Jack Odenbeck


"Jack is not only a stellar athlete but has grown to be a stellar young man! He always puts in 100% and I know his performance in the gym follows him to the football field. I enjoy seeing how Jared and Jack feed off of each other during a WOD. Both kick it up a couple notches when the WOD starts and their competitive sides come out! They both encourage the entire class while having fun!"

- Coach Adam

"I remember when Jack & Jared came. Jack has grown in more ways than just height. His level of determination & grit has been amazing to watch. Jared is so intense & focused when he puts his mind into anything. We're lucky to have them."

- Coach Raquel


Goodbye to Rett Moreland (Employee of the Month)


Rett has taken another job outside the fitness industry and will only be coaching a few classes starting in January. We are so sad to lose him as one of our main coaches, but wish him and his family the very best on their new endeavors and also new addition to their family, Magnolia Moreland!

It has been a pleasure working with Rett over the past several years. He has immense passion for the job and even more so for our community. His work ethic is incredible and his new employer is lucky to inherit such a hard working employee. He is also extremely kind, fun and a joy to be around. We were very lucky to have him as a coach. Thank you for everything!

Goodbye to Michelle Eviston & Nick Evangelista

Michelle, our challenge coordinator and head admin and Nick, our front desk staff and social media coordinator, will also be moving on as of January. Both Michelle and Nick have other full time roles and needed to start focusing more time of their expanding roles in their other profession.

Michelle and Nick have been an integral part of helping this gym grow into what it is today. Nick created and managed our social media ads for our 6 week challenges from the onset, which was a game changer for us as far as acquiring members. Michelle was our behind the scenes coordinator who stayed in constant contact with our challengers. Without these two integral roles, I don't think they gym would be what it has grown to today.

Michelle and Nick are also work horses. I appreciate all of their extra efforts, extra hours and constant input on how to improve our challenges and social media advertising. You both will be missed tremendously! Thanks for everything!

Hello to Taylor Conaway

Taylor Conaway, our substitute coach, has been hired to replace all 3 roles mentioned above. Taylor will be our new full time employee, working as a part time coach and part time administrator. We love Taylor's thorough coaching style and approachable persona.

Taylor is going to a vital part of this community and coaching staff. Her grit & determination will be portrayed into all of the athletes. We are so ecstatic to have her on the team. Make sure to go out of your way to learn her. She will be a long term face you will grow to love & invest in!

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