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January 2024 | Chase Maus

Congrats to Chase Maus, our January CrossFit Member of the Month! Chase is also our yoga instructor, so make sure to join him on Sundays at 11am! It's only $5! Great compliment to your CrossFit regimen!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 2.5 years

What made you decide to try CrossFit? I was a huge fan of Orange Theory and had grown to really love intense group cardio classes but wasn’t satisfied with the strength aspects of it — seemed like they were always overlooked. I wanted to get stronger but hold onto the same level of cardiovascular health. Seemed like the right place to be :)

What did you think after your first workout? I've got a lot to learn!

What's your FAVORITE movement? Love anything on the machines. Love a wall walk. A rope climb. How does one pick a favorite?!

What's your LEAST favorite movement? Handstand Push-Ups

Any advice for those just getting started on their fitness journey? Set a variety of small goals and celebrate those successes. Progress isn’t linear so don’t hold judgment for yourself when you don’t feel as strong as you did the day before. Be patient, both in your fitness and in your lifts — form over function. Watch the veteran athletes move. Ask them questions. Do the accessory work. Warm up adequately. Stretch often and when your body is warm. Eat, eat, eat.

Would you like to give any shout-outs? So many members & coaches, past and present, have impacted me on my CrossFit journey. Thank you all! I’m so thankful for Newcov, for everyone that has made it into such a safe place for all of us exist, support one another, grow. Huge shoutout to all of my strong friends that push me to be a better human inside and outside of the gym!

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