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Jessica Bolton | May 2024

Congrats to Jessica, our FitCamp May Member of the Month!

How long have you been doing FitCamp?

About two weeks shy of one year!

What made you decide to try FitCamp?

Two words: Debbie Fleckinger. I mentioned to her that I wanted to become more active and lose weight during the process. She invited me to a boxing class and recommended the six week challenge.

What did you think after your first workout?

Well, Rett was actually covering for Megan that day. It was the most intense workout I had ever experienced. I did modify accordingly, but somehow felt obligated to push myself super hard. I didn’t die though.

What's your FAVORITE movement? Can be a lift, a body weight movement, anything you've seen in a workout!

Dancing, we should do more of that. Second favorite would be kettle bell swings.

What's your LEAST favorite movement?

BURPEEEEEEES. Maybe running also.

Any advice for those just getting started on their fitness journey?

Do not give up. It’s okay to take off a day or two, even a week if necessary. That doesn’t mean you have failed. Come as you are and do your best. When you keep pushing, your best becomes better. A year ago I would be multiple rounds/minutes behind others (self observation). Today I’m only 20-30 seconds slower than the rest of the group, which is a HUGE improvement.

Would you like to give any shout outs to other members or coaches?

Thank you Adam and Megan for being huge motivators. Megan, I’m sorry I like sleeping in more than boxing on Tuesdays. To Taylor and Rachel, thank you for encouraging me to try CrossFit, I’ll be coming over eventually!

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