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July/August 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 23, 2022



Fitcamp #1 - Kayla Combs

"Momma Combs... Momma Combs... Momma Combs!! When she 1st came to class she told me how intimidated she was with starting her journey. Quickly she put her doubts aside and got moving!! Full time Momma, 2 jobs and flips houses all while staying on track with class and home WODs! You got this!! I am so proud to have her as one of our Newport Fitness "Poster" Mommas!! #WhoopWhoop."

- Coach Adam

"Kayla is a fun, energetic soul. She is a competitor at heart. Always battling to be better. "

-Coach Quel

Fitcamp #2 - Alex Harden

"Momma Harden is one of my Favorite Bad Ass Mommas!! From the 1st class she took with me, I knew she had the determination to conquer her Fitness goals! This past year she has put in the time and effort and it is paying off! Keep it up Momma Harden! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

"ALEX IS A MONSTER. She gives her best effort & kickass. I love having her in class! I am so happy she came over to the dark side.

- Coach Quel

"Alex is great to have in class! She gives 100% for classes, even though she will tell you how much she doesn’t want to do burpees in a workout!"

-Coach Taylor

"I love Alex's friendly attitude. She has a smile on her face every time I see her. Thanks for being a member of our fit fam!

-Emily, Owner

CrossFit #1 - Tory King

"She's literally a ball of sunshine. She pushes herself & continues to commit to progression. Her energy & atmosphere really creates a home place for the gym. Love her."

- Coach Quel

"I had the pleasure of coaching Tori during some of her beginner CrossFit classes. She's really good! She's a coaches dream - not only very coordinated and athletic, but extremely coachable. She listens with intent, practices and you can definitely see her improvement. She's also has taken part in our social community events. She is very kind to those around her and we love having her here!"

- Emily, Owner

"Tori is always a pleasure to have in class! She comes in and makes everyone feel welcome. She is wonderful to coach and has improved so much in a short time!"

- Coach Taylor

"Tori is a breath of fresh air every time she walks into the gym. Her smile always brightens the room! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

CROSSFIT #2 - Rachel Hazelrigg

"Rachel has really stepped out of her comfort zone as she transitioned to doing CrossFit. She came in a little timid but has done incredibly well! She puts in 100% effort, and it shows! She hasn’t just improved in movements, but her confidence has gone up!"

-Coach Taylor

"Rachel is an amazing example of how you can't let your mind hold you back... overcome those nerves and take the leap! I am so proud to have been part of your Fitness growth!! And remember #YouDoYouBoo over there in CF!! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

"Rachel's only limits are herself, but we're slowly moving past that & the girl has loads of strength & potential! She's come over to the dark side & im THRILLED to continue to watch her progress! ."

-Coach Quel


Employee of the Month - Raquel Theodosopulous


Thanks for 6 amazing years! I had a good feeling about you the first time I met you. Following that hunch to hire you was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a business owner. Your energy is unique and contagious! You make people want to be better and not just at CrossFit, but it seems at just life in general.

It’s been awesome to watch you evolve as a coach. You have a technical eye for Olympic lifting, which is a hard earned skill that not all coaches can achieve. But your ability to connect with people is what makes you a top coach. From our beginners, to our our OGs and even our drop ins, people constantly are talking about awesome “Coach Quel” is. You make people feel comfortable and welcome. I am so appreciative for your efforts in that!

I have enjoyed watching you evolve as an entrepreneur as well. I have said it a million times, that not everyone has what is takes to run a business; it takes a certain type of person. A person willing to listen, to work hard and to fail and to most importantly to learn from those failures. You’ve been able to learn from any negative experience in your life, and move forward with positivity, new ideas and tenacity to keep going. Who knows what the future holds for you, but I know you’re a boss in wherever life takes you!

Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your positivity. Thank you for your excellent coaching. Thank you for your creative ideas. Thank you for your humor. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for taking over when I needed it most. Thank you for everything! You will be missed, my friend! 🥲

- Emily



  • Congrats to Coach Vicky and Kevin Eviston on their new baby girl, Riley!

  • Congrats to Christian Mains for 2nd place on his first Triathalon!



IMPORTANT: STARTING AUGUST 22ND - WE WILL NO LONGER BE HOLDING EM'S FITCAMP ON TUESDAY & FRIDAYS AT 6AM. If you attend these classes regularly, please consider attending the Boxing Bootcamp at 5:15AM.

  • Monday, September 5th (Labor Day)

    • 9AM - 10:15AM PARTNER HERO WOD (Open to ALL members. Fitcamp and CrossFit versions will be available).

    • All other classes canceled.

    • Babysitting will be available.

  • Saturday, October 8th (The day of the Member Appreciation Party)

    • 11:15AM Beginner CrossFit Class Canceled

  • Saturday, November 19th (Gobblers and Gobblettes Competition)


  • Wednesday, November 23rd (Day before Thanksgiving)

    • 6:30PM Fitcamp Cancelled

    • 7PM CrossFit Cancelled

    • 7:15PM Beginner CrossFit Cancelled

  • Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving)

    • Partner Thanksgiving WOD 9AM - 10:15AM (Open to all members. CrossFit & Fitcamp Versions available)

    • Babysitting will be available.

    • All other classes cancelled.

  • Friday, November 25th (Day after Thanksgiving)

    • 9:30AM - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • Noon - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • 3PM, 4PM, 5PM - High Intensity Mix (open to all members)

    • NOTE: These are subject to change based on coaching availability and babysitting hours are TBD.

  • Saturday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)

    • 7AM - 8:30AM Open Gym

    • 8:30AM - 9:45AM CrossFit 12 Days of Christmas (CrossFit Members Only)

    • 9AM - Boxing Bootcamp 12 Days of Christmas (Open to all members)

    • 9:45AM - 10:45AM Em's Fitcamp 12 Days of Christmas (Open to all members)

    • NOTE: These are subject to change based on coaching availability and babysitting hours are TBD.

  • Sunday, December 25th (Christmas)


  • Monday, December 26th (Day after Christmas)

    • 9:30AM - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • Noon - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • 3PM, 4PM, 5PM - High Intensity Mix (open to all members)

    • NOTE: These are subject to change based on coaching availability and babysitting hours are TBD.

  • Saturday, December 31st (New Year's Eve)

    • All Classes on as normal

  • Sunday, January 1st (New Year's Day)




1) THIS SATURDAY, July 30th - Annual Member Canoe Trip!

2) Saturday, September 10th, 11AM - 1PM - Jenna's Gymnastics Seminar

3) October 8th, 7PM - til we drop Newport Fitness Member Appreciation Party

4) November 19th, 8AM - 5PM Gobblers & Gobblettes CrossFit & Fitcamp Competition

NOTE: The August Open House has been canceled and will be re-scheduled in 2023.

If you need help with pull-ups, toes-to-bar, rope climbs, handstand push-ups or muscle ups, check this out! All levels welcome!

  • EVENT #3 -Newport Fitness Member Appreciation Party

    • Date/Time: Saturday, October 8th 7PM - ???

  • EVENT #4 -Gobblers & Gobblettes CrossFit & Fitcamp Competition

    • Date/Time: Saturday, November 19th 8AM - 5:30PM

We are excited to be hosting our 9th Annual Gobblers and Gobblettes competition!

We will host the following 3 divisions:

Fitcamp (Dumbbell Division) - M/M, F/F or M/F combos

Scaled CrossFit - M/F

Rx CrossFit - M/F



Building renovations are almost complete! Thank you so much for your patience and putting up with the mess and disorganization.

Here is a list of improvements made thus far:

  • The Lobby/Front entrance has been relocated to the CrossFit side including our new sign!

  • Active Physical Therapy has been relocated to the CrossFit side just behind the new front desk. Be sure to stop in and check him out if needing any physical therapy needs!

  • A new hallway from the new entrance directly to kids room has been made.

  • We tore down the rest of the wall in the CrossFit area and added mats to expand the crossfit space. We replaced a lot of the old mats and repositioned them to get rid of the cracks as best as we could. We still have a few more finishing touches to get the mats in order.

  • We built up the kids room wall up to the ceiling to make it quieter and also enclosed the kids area to keep them from the lockers, ice machine, etc. This created a separate locker area/lounge. We still have a few finishing touches to put in place here.

  • We relocated Bella Bar Hair Salon, to the existing front lobby. There is a new hallway between the salon and front restrooms. Be sure to check out Bella Bar hair salon for all your styling needs!

  • All four restrooms have been painted. New flooring was added to the front restrooms. All new paper towel, hand soap and toilet paper dispensers have been added.

  • We knocked down the original Salon and Physical Therapy Walls to expand the Fitcamp area, adding more mats and turf. A retractable divider wall to allow for multiple activities at once (such as personal training, beginner crossfit and bringing back some kids classes, etc.) will be coming soon as well as new signage and another pull-up rig.

  • We FINALLY have AC for the kids room! New overhead lights coming soon.

  • New tile and signage in the fitcamp room. Special shoutout to my Dad, Jimbo who made this by hand all from a small pic I texted him of our logo. I'm such a lucky girl! Thanks DAD! Love You!

Upcoming Renovations Include (Spring/Summer)

  • Painting the outside of the building and making some other aesthetic improvements (STARTING NEXT WEEK!)

  • New outdoor signage (Coming Summer/Fall)



Kroger is moving into the Builder's Surplus building sometime in 2023. Construction on the building will begin in January. We are very excited to welcome our new neighbor to the block! However, we will be losing our parking access in their lot across the street as of January. Our landlords will be doing some renovations to the parking lot behind our building, as well as helping to build out a new back entrance and lobby for us over the next few months. Stay tuned for more details and parking updates!


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