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July/August 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 23, 2022



Fitcamp #1 - Kayla Combs

"Momma Combs... Momma Combs... Momma Combs!! When she 1st came to class she told me how intimidated she was with starting her journey. Quickly she put her doubts aside and got moving!! Full time Momma, 2 jobs and flips houses all while staying on track with class and home WODs! You got this!! I am so proud to have her as one of our Newport Fitness "Poster" Mommas!! #WhoopWhoop."

- Coach Adam

"Kayla is a fun, energetic soul. She is a competitor at heart. Always battling to be better. "

-Coach Quel

Fitcamp #2 - Alex Harden

"Momma Harden is one of my Favorite Bad Ass Mommas!! From the 1st class she took with me, I knew she had the determination to conquer her Fitness goals! This past year she has put in the time and effort and it is paying off! Keep it up Momma Harden! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

"ALEX IS A MONSTER. She gives her best effort & kickass. I love having her in class! I am so happy she came over to the dark side.

- Coach Quel

"Alex is great to have in class! She gives 100% for classes, even though she will tell you how much she doesn’t want to do burpees in a workout!"

-Coach Taylor

"I love Alex's friendly attitude. She has a smile on her face every time I see her. Thanks for being a member of our fit fam!

-Emily, Owner

CrossFit #1 - Tory King

"She's literally a ball of sunshine. She pushes herself & continues to commit to progression. Her energy & atmosphere really creates a home place for the gym. Love her."

- Coach Quel

"I had the pleasure of coaching Tori during some of her beginner CrossFit classes. She's really good! She's a coaches dream - not only very coordinated and athletic, but extremely coachable. She listens with intent, practices and you can definitely see her improvement. She's also has taken part in our social community events. She is very kind to those around her and we love having her here!"

- Emily, Owner

"Tori is always a pleasure to have in class! She comes in and makes everyone feel welcome. She is wonderful to coach and has improved so much in a short time!"

- Coach Taylor

"Tori is a breath of fresh air every time she walks into the gym. Her smile always brightens the room! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

CROSSFIT #2 - Rachel Hazelrigg

"Rachel has really stepped out of her comfort zone as she transitioned to doing CrossFit. She came in a little timid but has done incredibly well! She puts in 100% effort, and it shows! She hasn’t just improved in movements, but her confidence has gone up!"

-Coach Taylor

"Rachel is an amazing example of how you can't let your mind hold you back... overcome those nerves and take the leap! I am so proud to have been part of your Fitness growth!! And remember #YouDoYouBoo over there in CF!! #WhoopWhoop"

- Coach Adam

"Rachel's only limits are herself, but we're slowly moving past that & the girl has loads of strength & potential! She's come over to the dark side & im THRILLED to continue to watch her progress! ."

-Coach Quel


Employee of the Month - Raquel Theodosopulous