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June 2023 | Rayanna Floyd

Congrats to our CrossFit June Member of the Month, Rayanna Floyd! Rayanna is great to have in class! She is coming back from some knee issues and has learned so much that she is bringing back to CrossFit to make her better than ever & her hard work & dedication shows in class! Keep it up, Rayanna!!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started CrossFit 8 months ago in October 2022 with a 6-Week Challenge.

What made you decide to try CrossFit? I decided to try CrossFit because I was living life afraid of many things and people and wanted to find myself again. I was also seasoned in weight training but got bored always training solo and wanted to be in a like-minded community.

What did you think after your first workout? After my first workout, I couldn't shake the friendly impression left by everyone around me including the coaches!

What's your FAVORITE movement? My favorite movement is the Barbell Back Squat.

What is your LEAST favorite movement? My least favorite movement is anything that causes me to rip my hands.

Any advice for those just getting started on their fitness journey? You are unstoppable, should you decide to be.

Would you like to give any shout-outs? Shout outs to all the coaches and members for making this community truly one of a kind! Shout out to Coach Quel for training me through beginner CrossFit completely alone. Shout out to Coach Taylor for bearing with me through injury. Shout out to the CrossFit Crew; Jenni, Courtney, Brooke, and Morgan for the amazing muscle mommy energy!

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