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May 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Mike McWhinnie

"Mike came from a bootcamp style gym. I could tell within a few days we had him hooked on CrossFit, once we he tried that barbell! Not only was he a fast learner on the lifting, but he brings a great attitude to the gym day in and day out. Glad to have you as part of the NewCov family!

- Emily, Owner

"Mike is a hard working individual. My favorite thing about Mike is that he always has a "why not me" attitude. He's always trying new things, experience, age or mental blocks aside. He's ready for a challenge. A true pleasure.

- Coach Raquel

"Mike is always a joy to have in class! He always comes in with a smile and ready to tackle whatever is on the schedule as long as we put on some good rock music! :)"

- Coach Taylor

Fitcamp - Mark Groeschen

"Mark is always friendly and a face you can count on to help other feel welcome. He has also made a lot of improvements since his start at Newport Fitness. Keep up teh great work, Mark!"

- Emily, Owner

"My DUDE!!! I remember the 1st FREE Community Class Mark came to.... We had running and he almost walked out. Instead of running I got him on a rower and a year later he's now got several Race Medal and has lost over 50 pounds!! He is a true inspiration to all our Athletes and we are honored to have him as part of our Newport Fitness FitFam!! #WhoopWhoop

- Coach Adam

"Mark always great to have in class. He is so positive and ready to put in hard work, even if he is the only one in the class! He has made some incredible changes in his weight loss and fitness journey!"

- Coach Taylor

Employee of the Month - Joey Garro!

Joey is one of our new front desk administrative assistants. We have asked him to do some not-so-fun tasks to start including lots of cleaning, rearranging, organizing and he always does it with a smile on his face and even comes looking for more work when he's done! We gave him the dreaded rubber mat cutting task and he knocked it without a single complaint. Thanks for you all you do!


Erin Luke - Front Desk/Admin

Joey Garro - Front Desk/Admin

Brandon Rone - Coach

Joey Ferreri - Coach


1) Monday, May 30th, 8AM - 1PM Memorial Day Murph Workout & Cookout

3) Saturday, August 27th - 9AM - 1PM Newport Fitness Open House

3) October 8th, 7PM - til we drop Newport Fitness Member Appreciation Party

4) November 19th, 8AM - 5PM Gobblers & Gobblettes CrossFit & Fitcamp Competition

EVENT #1 -Memorial Day Murph and Cookout

Monday, May 30th - 8AM - 1PM

We will honor those who made the greatest sacrifice for our freedom by doing Memorial Day "Murph."

Following the workout, we will have a cookout. We will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese, buns, chips and silverware. If people want to bring a side or dessert, that is welcome! BYOB!

**We will start cooking at around 10:30**

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Heat #1 - 8AM

Heat #2 - 9AM

Heat #3 - 10AM