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May 2023 | Emma, Olivia, & Isabel

Ok, this is a little unprecedented, but we just couldn't pick only one of these awesome ladies! They all started a 6-Week Challenge together about a year ago & have been encouraging each other & keeping each other accountable ever since! These are the kinds of friends you need in your life!! Fantastic job ladies! We're so happy to have you as part of our fit fam!

How long have you been doing FitCamp?

Emma Ernst | Have been doing FitCamp for a little over a year!

Olivia Ruch | Since April 2022 6 Week Challenge

Isabel Steffen | One year!

What made you decide to try FitCamp?

Emma | Isabel found the 6 week challenge & we all thought this would be a great challenge to be a part of. Turns out I loved the classes & kept with it.

Olivia | I wanted to enjoy my time while working out & find a gym with a strong community feel.

Isabel | 6 Week Challenge!

What did you think after your first workout?

Emma | I loved Adam's energy & knew it would be a fun place to workout.

Olivia | I was hooked. The workouts are challenging yet enjoyable.

Isabel | I thought Adam was hilarious & I was eager to start a new fitness journey.

What's your FAVORITE movement?

Emma | Deadlifts

Olivia | RDL

Isabel | Abmat Sit-ups or plate to ground overheads

What's your LEAST favorite movement?

Emma | Burpees

Olivia | Burpees or lunges by far. So awful!

Isabel | Burpees

Any advice for those just starting their fitness journey?

Emma | Newport Fitness is a great place to start your fitness journey because of the fun environment in FitCamp!

Olivia | Find a place that you enjoy going. It makes the battle of talking yourself into getting movement in for the day so much easier!

Isabel | Don't compare your journey to anyone else's!

Would you like to give any shout outs?

Emma | Shout out to Isabel & Olivia for being my workout buddies & continuing to motivate me! Shout out to Adam for making FitCamp a great place to work out!

Olivia | Shout out to Coach Adam! His energy is infectious. He has the ability to change someone's whole day around for the better & manages to do it in less than an hour. Also, shout out to Emma & Isabel for being great gym buddies & even better friends!

Isabel | Shout out to Adam, Emma & Olivia!

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