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May 2023 | Zeek Kreke

Congrats to Zeek Kreke for being our CrossFit Member of the Month for May! Zeek is consistent and always positive! He's an awesome contributor to our community!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 6 years

What made you decide to try CrossFit? I actually did not know about CrossFit when I first started and a friend of mine asked me to go. I love trying all things fitness so I said Yes of course!

What did you think after your first workout? Haha my first workout was 17.1 and I didn't know anything about the open. If you all know 17.1 was brutal. I made it halfway through and time capped. Needless to say I almost died inside, but had to come back as I haven't done anything like it and wanted to get better.

What's your FAVORITE movement? I have two, the Power Clean and Handstand Walk. But I also think one of the coolest and most rewarding things with CrossFit is learning a new movement, skill, life, there is always room for improvement and progression.

What's your LEAST favorite movement? Not doing any movement is my least favorite.

Any advice for those just getting started on their fitness journey? Progress is progress, never get discouraged when it takes time to get where you want to be on your journey. You will get there and it takes time. Don't expect to hit your goal in one day, week, or year but as long as you put in the work you'll succeed.

Would you like to give any shout-outs? Here's the awesome thing about NewCov, all the coaches have been amazing. I have been corrected on so many movements that I thought I had down but wow they really pay attention to everyone in class, including myself, making sure we are doing the movements properly and making us better each day. Also, the members have been an amazing community, everyone is welcoming and giving each other encouragement to get through each workout! COMMUNITY is why I love CrossFit and NewCov provides that top-notch. Thank you!

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