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Q2 2023 Newsletter

TEXT SUBSCRIBE TO 859-374-8579

Please text SUBSCRIBE to the number listed above or CLICK blue button above. This is our new texting system that we will solely be using starting in May. There are several staff members monitoring this system between 9AM - 8PM. However, if you text this number, a bot (named Brody) generally answers first. If you need to chat with a real person, just ask and Brody will alert us :) DOWNLOAD THE NEWPORT FITNESS APP The Newport Fitness app is now ready to use as a means to register for class and view the workouts and post your scores. Please make sure your email in Mindbody matches your email in the app or it will not sync prooperly.


Starting tomorrow, Wednesday April 12, we are rolling out Em's Fitfest, where we are combining the CrossFit and Em's Fitcamp classes into one class (similar to the High-Intensity Mix Classes). The Wednesday workout format will still be a long, grueling and fun workout but we will now offer a fitcamp version of the WOD. Please NOTE that this is on a trial basis as we need to test out the sizes of the classes. As with anything we do, if we feel that it is not working, we will adjust or return to our normal class set-up. We plan to do very intentional programming to accommodate a larger crowd and varying ability levels. There will also be two instructors for the larger afternoon and evening classes. FOR TOMORROW ONLY, we kept the WOD simple and purposely did not include a lot of equipment or barbells so that we can see how many people will be attending the different time frames. NOTE: This will not be the norm, so please don't assume the WODS will no longer be "CrossFit-esque." They still will. You will see barbells, rigs, etc. in future Fitfest WODS. Em's FitFest Class Times * All Fitfest Classes are on the CrossFit side (except 5AM). Please note that CrossFitters may take the 5AM. The only equipment we do not have on the Fitcamp side is Rope Climbs. You should be able to do all other movements.* 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 9:30AM, Noon, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM

Em's FitKids & CrossFit Kids - COMING SOON!

The primary reason we created the combined Fitfest class on Wednesdays was to open up space in our Fitcamp area to bring back our Kids program. With so many families at the gym now, we figured it was a great time to re-introduce this. We will be offering Em's FitKids classes (Age 2 - 8) and CrossFit Kids and Teen Classes (Ages 9 thru Highschool). More details to come! We want to test out the Fitfest classes before officially announcing the kids class times.

Upcoming Event - Keeneland Bus Trip Sat 4/22

Join us for our quarterly Member Social Event. Meeting at Newport Fitness at 9AM Cost: $52/person 9 SPOTS REMAINING! Includes Bus Trip & Tip, Mimosas, Lunch and Snacks, BYOB. **All are welcome! ** You don't have to be a member.

Annual Survey Follow Up Thank You to all of the members who completed the annual survey. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and will do our best to implement your ideas and suggestions. We strive for constant improvement each and every year. Our first line of business was to address some cleaning related concerns. We purchased a new machine scrubber that is more reliable and has better water control to address the mat issue. We have also restructured our front desk and open gym staff's duties to help with cleaning throughout the day and not just at night. We are in the process of reorganizing some of the storage areas and equipment placement as well.

Annual Equipment Purchase We use 100% of the annual equipment fee to purchase equipment each year. Thank you to our members for paying this additional fee as it helps us to maintain, repair and replace equipment on a regular basis. The fee this year was used to refurbish and repair 23 rowers. The following purchases were also made: one echo bike and 2 ski ergs, lots of new barbell collars, 2 men's barbells, 2 women's barbells, more bumper plates of all sizes, more dumbbells of various sizes, more slam balls of various sizes, replacement of all the climbing ropes, additional battle ropes, more wall balls of various sizes, more ring sets, dumbbell storage shelf, slam ball storage shelf, more benches. We will be building more boxes soon and will continue to add and replace equipment throughout the year as needed.

The 2023 Newport Fitness Open Winners

Congrats to Coach Adam and his fellow #whoopwhoop team members! All team members will win a Free Open Champions T-Shirt and will be displayed on a banner on our wall of fame. T-shirts coming soon - So Sorry for the delay! Free Month Winners *Andrew Olding and Courtney Meder Special Shout Outs to the following gym members who qualified to the next level following the open! Way to be a bad ass! Jenna McVey Doug Spitz Kacie Nelson Tony Pabst Will McClanahan Jordan Vanpelt Morgan Kain Ryan Winkler Nate Pabst Quel Theo Nick Boardman Sheridan Zumwald Congrats to Tim Murray who is currently tied for 1st in the World in the Short Stature division! He is still awaiting confirmation from the CrossFit HQ on the final standings. Stay tuned! We will announce the final outcome once he hears from them.

Team Weight Loss Challenge Winners Congrats to Team Challengers! They lost a combined total of 183 lbs (5.82% decrease) This team wins a free year access to our InBody Analyzer and weight loss champions t-shirt. T-shirts coming soon! Sorry for the delay! 1st Place Overall - Jeffrey Lyons (lost 46Lbs!) 1st place on Each Team Bob Fite Nathan Hyrne Rachel Shields Aaron Jacobson Referral Opportunity!

  • Earn 50 Loyalty Points

  • $20 Amazon Gift Card

  • Anyone who signs a contract following the challenge, you get a free month!

**We had one member earn 4 Free months from just one challenge!** Our next 6-week challenge starts THIS SATURDAY, 4/15! They pay $150 Deposit. Their Goal: Attend 24 classes in 6 weeks and they win their money back at the end! CLICK HERE TO GET CREDIT FOR YOUR REFERRAL CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CHALLENGE Loyalty Point Explanation For every referral, you get 50 loyalty points added to your account as well as 1 point for each time you pre-register for class. Each loyalty point is converted to a certain % of a dollar and can be used towards any retail purchase. You must have a minimum amount of loyalty points to make your first purchase. The app will soon disclose this info once it has been fully updated. We transferred all of your loyalty points from our previous system.

2023 Members of the Month JANUARY/FEBRUARY - Keith Baumann (Fitcamp) and Julia Batchenko (CrossFit) MARCH - Jack Schroder (CrossFit) and Sarah Farney (Fitcamp) CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEIR MEMBER OF THE MONTH INTERVIEW ANSWERS AND YOUR APRIL MEMBERS OF THE MONTH ARE.... Congrats to Jim Holder (CrossFit) and Amber Kidwell (Fitcamp)!!! Thanks for being awesome members of our community! Stay tuned for their interview answers! We will post those to the facebook groups here soon.

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