November 2019 Em's Fitcamp Member of the Month: Lorel Rankin Studer

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

"Laurel comes in bright and early and works hard from start to finish," says coach Megan. "Even running from station to station!"

1. What made you give Fitcamp a try?

Shelly Benz told me to try it out. I was just finishing school and it was the perfect time. I had gained about 40lbs in 6 years while in school and I was feeling it.

2. What did you think after your first WOD?

I was challenged. I was an athlete, once upon a time and I remembered the feeling that you get from a good sweaty workout. On the other hand I was slightly discouraged about how I'd let myself go, frankly quite pissed at myself.

3. What has been your favorite CrossFit memory so far?

My favorite FitCamp memory was probably one of two things: 1) when I finished the Filthy 50 with time to spare for the first time 2) when I won the free month for most improved fit test.

4. What is your favorite movement?

My favorite movement might be wall balls. I've learned to hate burpees less than I did.

5. What is your least favorite movement?

My least favorite movement is probably box jumps for a few reasons. My friend, Shelly, broke some bones in her foot misjudging a box jump. Also, when I moved up to a taller box I jumped up and tweaked my knee. I'm just afraid I'll injure myself and it'll ruin all the work I've done.

6. Do you follow any specific diet?

As far as my diet, I intermittently fast, 16hours of fasting and eight hours of eating. I'm also learning a lot about anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding inflammatory foods.

7. What has been the biggest improvement you've seen from your training?

My biggest improvement is probably my self confidence. I feel so much better inside and out. I'm seeing muscles I haven't seen since high school when Coach Fookes kicked my ass every day.

8. What advice do you have for beginners?

My advice for beginners is to just listen to your body then do just a little bit more than you think you can. You'll surprise yourself.

9. What are your goals for the future?

I've lost almost 30lbs, I'd like to lose about 25 more. I also want to get back into the fun mud and obstacle races.

10. Any shout outs... Go for it!!

Of course I have shout outs! Shelly Benz for getting me started, Megan for encouraging me through boxing combos at 0530 when my brain didn't work, Jim's early morning encouragement and also Chris' encouragement, humor and willingness to answer questions I've thrown at her. Chris also showed me how to do a correct push-up... now I can't do as many, but I'm motivated to get better.

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