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The Holiday Struggle Bus

Written by: Lorel Studer

Raise your hand if you’re riding the holiday season struggle bus. Well, move over, I need my OWN seat. I’m currently using excuses that are wrapped in a bit of good ole holiday grief (the first season without my mom and my sister), then sprinkled with an increase in work travel to thwart my progress made over the last year. In that regard, I’m winning, deep sigh.

If it’s savory, sweet or boozy I’m all in and they’ve all been stops on my struggle bus route. And now that I’ve confirmed that I’m an emotional eater (please hold your applause) I’ve got some work to do… again. It certainly is discouraging to be feeling like this once more. Although I haven’t gone up a size yet, so I suppose that’s something.

When I’m out of town I miss the workouts. The good thing is that the workouts are available on the NewFit app. I’ve saved some of my favorites that can be done in the average hotel gym, but most workouts are adaptable to the available equipment in the hotel fitness room. I do a lot of burpees, air or goblet squats, lunges, push-ups, and dumbbell work. The struggle is getting to the hotel gym and doing the workouts alone. That’s just boring. There’s no coach to holler encouraging words over loud workout music. Turns out that I really like that part of working out at Newport Fitness. The coaches and other athletes working out with me are motivating and encouraging. I’m not sure how to substitute that.

For my fellow passengers on the holiday struggle bus, Newport Fitness does offer ways to be accountable and stay motivated. There’s the Committed Club for the members who meet requirements can win a free merch and possibly a free membership at the end of 12 months. There are also some great holiday deals to get you motivated. Some of these deals offer nutritional guidance and would be great to start now.

As I mentioned earlier, proper food choices have been a bit challenging for me as of late. Eating on the road requires more discipline and some snack preparation, too. Neither is a strength for me. What has been helpful is knowing which restaurants offer healthy choices. I also pack protein bars and snack nuts when I don’t have a healthy option nearby. Keeping a journal of my food intake using the MyFitnessPal app, keeps me honest.

The holiday season always brings its challenges, staying off the damn bus can be difficult. But being intentional, planning ahead, using your resources and adapting to the changes in schedule can keep you off the bus.

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