Em's Fitcamp is a 45 minute group class combining cardio, strength and bodyweight exercises. Each class is led by an experienced instructor who will guide you through every class and keep you motivated! This class is for ALL ability levels and sizes and ages 11 and Up. 

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CrossFit is a high intensity group fitness class that combines different styles of weightlifting using barbells, kettle bells and dumbbells mixed with cardio movements and body weight exercises. It is always led by one or more experienced instructors guiding, coaching and motivating you along the way! 

We require 9 beginner CrossFit Classes before entering our regular crossfit classes where we teach the proper technique, safe form and modifications. ALL ability levels welcome. 

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The best local weight loss challenge around! WE OFFER THIS FOR FREE!

We require a $250 deposit and we provide all of the exercise and nutrition tools necessary to help you LOSE 5% BODY FAT!! If you hit the goal, then we give your money back!! 

The challenge includes: 

  • 6 weeks unlimited classes

  • Before & after body measurements

  • Customized Meal Plan and Food Log Instructional

  • Accountability on attendance and weekly weigh-ins

  • Online Support Group

  • GRAND PRIZE = Free Year Membership!!

Mpire Boxing Bootcamp combines boxing skills with traditional body weight movements, cardio exercises and light dumbbell and kettle bell lifts. Megan will keep you moving for 45 minutes straight through this unique group fitness class!  

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