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Decemeber 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 16, 2022



The 2022 Kentucky legislation in House Bill ​8 makes substantial c​​hanges to how various services are taxed within the state. This unfortunately has affected businesses that offer fitness classes and personal training. As of January 1, 2023 - all of our services - including all contracts, month-to-month memberships, introductory specials, 6-week challenges, seminars and personal training will be subject to a 6% sales tax.

If anyone would like to avoid this sales tax, you may choose to pay any portion of your contract or month-to-month membership upfront to avoid the tax (must be paid prior to 12/31). If you choose to pay for an entire year upfront, we do also offer an additional 10% discount.

Please know that I did contact the governor's office to express my concern over a 6% tax to pass on, in addition to the high inflation members are seeing in their every day lives already. I was referred to local legislators to continue advocating for the removal of the tax. I am so sorry for the price increase you will see as a result, but it is out of my control at this point.

Please email Emily if you wish to pay for any part of your membership upfront or if you have any questions or concerns that we can help address.

~ Emily Wagner, owner

Text 859-905-0271


Fitcamp - Missy White

"Missy is an amazing driving force for every class she's in! Her encouragement while being competitive helps motivate others around! Her rebound from knee surgery was a textbook process and even adds to her determination to constantly improve! We are honored to have her as part of our Fitcamp FitFam!!! #WhoopWhoop." - Coach Adam

"I don’t get to have Missy in class very often, but if I do and Keith Baumann is in class, it’s on. I love to see that healthy competition and trash talk that makes for a very fun environment in class. Missy puts in continuous hard work and it shows!"

-Coach Taylor

CrossFit - Logan Pasqual

"Logan is always great to have in class! He gives his all to make sure that he uses good form (except rowing lol) which has helped him excel."

- Coach Taylor

"Logan is great to have in the gym and a really great person. He is friendly to everyone and is great to talk to. He is super coachable and very willing to learn and improve himself. He continues to challenge and push himself everyday and we all really enjoying having him as a member! - Coach Jenna

"Logan is always smiling and has been a welcoming face to all newcomers, which I love as an owner! He also has a drive to improve and welcomes any and all coaching tips. I am always so proud of him when he hits a new PR, because I know he worked hard for it and his smiling face lets you know that PR made his day! "

- Coach and Owner, Emily


Employee of the Month - Coach Taylor

Taylor has been a tremendous help these past few months taking on a few more additional administrative roles. She also worked super hard weeks before leading up to the competition doing anything I needed to help make that day a success, including staying late many days and doing lots of work from home. I could not have pulled off the competition without her generosity! She also stepped up to the role of head judge and did a great job of helping the competition run smoothly and on-time the day of the event. Thanks Taylor! You Rock!

~ Emily


Congrats to Coach Jenna, who has qualified to WODAPALOOZA, one of the most renown CrossFit events in the World! Unfortunately, it is VERY expensive to attend, so we will be helping her raise funds to cut some of her expenses.

If you are able to donate anything, here are ways to do so:

  1. Venmo @Jenna-Mcvey

  2. Participate in the trivia fundraiser. Jenna will be putting together a fun trivia sheet to be completed and turned in with a fun prize including personal training by Jenna! More details to come!

  3. Participate in our fun games at the Bengals tailgate! More details to come!



It's that time of year again! Every year we put out an anonymous survey where you can give us feedback about how we are doing, whether it's positive or negative. There are sections for each trainer, as well as other general sections about the gym. NOTE: We do provide the trainers with all results and review it with them during their annual review - so please provide feedback if you can! We welcome all feedback and suggestions! We are always looking for ways to improve to offer our members and community the best experience we possibly can!



*Pre-Order Deadline - 1/7*

Delivering around Mid-January

* NOTE: All brands, styles and colors are noted on the order form.

* CrossFit T- shirts come in unisex t-shirts or crop t-shirts.

* Fitcamp T-shirts come in unisex t-shirts or tank tops.

* White Newport Fitness T-shirts come in unisex t's, crop t's and tank tops.

* Sweatshirts are unisex and sample sizes will be available at the gym to try on.



At Covington Partners, the non-profit arm of the school district, they are doing a Basic Needs Holiday Drive for the students in the Covington Public Schools. They have many students that have asked for the basics such as deodorant, girls in need of sports bras to play athletics, warm socks since most walk to school, and feminie hygeine products, as well as, umbrellas. If you are able to donate, there are plastic bins in the locker room, and will take it to the schools prior to Winter Break.

Thanks for your generosity!



20$ Amazon Gift Card

+ a Free Month if they sign up for a contract.

*Offer good for any referrals during December 2022 & January 2023

Would you like us to contact your referral?



Please click HERE to add the following add-ons to your membership at Newport Fitness.

  • InBody Analyzer (ONLY $5/MONTH) for unlimited access

  • Boxing Bootcamp (ONLY $5/MONTH) for unlimited access

  • Locker Rental ($8/month) - you may keep your belongings here and place a lock on your locker




  • Saturday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)

    • 7AM - 8:30AM Open Gym (All open gym people must be done and cleaned up by 8:30).

    • 8:30AM - 9:45AM CrossFit 12 Days of Christmas (CrossFit Members Only. NO OPEN GYM during this time).

    • 9AM - 10AM - Boxing Bootcamp 12 Days of Christmas (Open to all members)

    • 10AM - 11:00AM Em's Fitcamp 12 Days of Christmas (Open to all members)

    • NOTE: These are subject to change based on coaching availability and babysitting hours are TBD.

  • Sunday, December 25th (Christmas)


  • Monday, December 26th (Day after Christmas)

    • 9:30AM - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • 10:30AM - Noon Open Gym

    • Noon - High Intensity Mix (Open to all members)

    • 3PM, 4PM, 5PM - High Intensity Mix (open to all members)

    • NOTE: These are subject to change based on coaching availability and babysitting hours are TBD.

  • Saturday, December 31st (New Year's Eve)

    • All Classes on as normal

  • Sunday, January 1st (New Year's Day)





January 2023

REMINDER to members that we will be charging your accounts the ANNUAL equipment fee in January. It will be implemented a little differently this year and the price has been increased slightly due to the rising cost of gym equipment.

  • Grandfathered and Month-to-Month Members: Will be charged Full Amount $30 CrossFit & $20 Fitcamp

  • Most new contract members as of September were already charged the full amount and will NOT be subject to the fee.

  • Contract Members prior to September were only charged a partial prorated fee. You will be charged the remainder of the fee and it will based on our contract fee back then which was $25 CrossFit, $10 Fitcamp.

  • Anyone on a special or challenge will not be charged the fee unless they sign up for a contract following their special.

We will text each person individually to let you know it has been charged. All fees will be used to purchase new equipment, replace existing equipment or put towards any building improvements or projects to improve the gym.

Please email if you wish to make a specific request for new or replacement equipment.


Bengals Tailgate and Viewing Party!

Sunday, 1/8 - Time TBD

Winter Member Social

The game time has not been announced yet, so tailgate start time is TBD.

Location: Newport Fitness (AT THE GYM)

Time: TBD

Feel free to invite friends and family!


We will provide some tailgating grub and snacks, utensils, ice, coolers, but feel free to bring a dish to share. We will have the projector set up for anyone who wants to stay and watch the game following the tailgate.

Annual Team Weight Loss Challenge

Monday,1/16 - 2/25

COST: $60 per person


There will be 4 teams amongst the gym - lead by Coach Jenna & Coach & Owner, Emily. You will be placed on one of the teams. We will take requests if you want to be with one of your friends. Nutrition seminar and education will be provided
You will have access to the InBody Analyzer during the entire 6 weeks.​
Each week will be a physical challenge where you can earn points for your team.
Week 1 - Burpees
Week 2 - Jumping Jacks
Week 3 - Air Squats
Week 4 - Push-Ups
Week 5 - Sit-Ups
Week 6 - Burpees
Based on % Decrease in Weight
Overall winner amongst all 4 teams.
Based on % Decrease in Weight
*Note - will go to 2nd place on the team who has the overall individual winner.
Configured in our scoring system using % Decrease in Weight amongst the team + Total Points from each weekly challenge
* Free Challenge T-Shirt
* Bragging Rights
* One year free access to the InBody Analyzer

Save the Dates!

The Newport Fitness Open

Friday Night Lights

  • Friday - February 17th

  • Friday - February 24th

  • Friday - March 3rd

Come sweat it out and cheer on your fellow crossfitters and fitcampers in our Annual Newport Fitness Open! More details to come!

Keeneland Bus Trip

April 2023

Spring Member Social

We are bringing our Annual Keeneland Bus Trip Back!

We will be picking a date soon. Stay tuned for a member poll to pick a date!


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