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February 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Barbara Navas

"Barbara has immensely improved & has been such a joy to this gym. Her attitude and optimism is so vibrant. I've loved being her coach."

- Coach Quel

"She has been putting in a lot of extra work to improve her lifts and strength. She always works hard and has a great attitude."

- Anon. Member

"Barbara has made incredible progress! She is always trying her best and pushing those around her to do better as well."

- Coach Rachel

Fitcamp - Michelle Frey

"Works hard an is willing to help out."

- Anon. Member

"Michelle is a an absolute blast to have in class! Her determination is a "running" force of motivation for everyone in class! She always introduces herself to new faces and has an amazing energy to be around! Thank you Michelle for being my singing partner and part of our Newport Fitness FitFam!! #WhoopWhoop

- Coach Adam

Employee of the Month

Taylor has tackled her new position with determination and enthusiasm. She has put in the work to learn a lot of new systems in a short period of time and always puts in an extraordinary effort into coaching the classes. Thanks Taylor for all you do!

- Emily

"She is always so pleasant. She coaches and helps people and is a great motivator."

- Toni Schuh

"Taylor is very kind! She is an excellent teacher who actively walks around while teaching, makes motivating comments and quietly correcting any incorrect movements to avoid injury. She is energetic and very approachable! I great addition to the team!"

- Anon. Member




We are super excited to announce that Megan's MPIRE Boxing Bootcamp is now officially a part of the Newport Fitness Program!

Megan is an incredible instructor. She has created an awesome and super motivating class that incorporates a lot of Fitcamp and CrossFit elements combined with boxing stations. Her members LOVE her and her awesome programming!

For ONLY AN EXTRA $12/month (no contract commitment), all members can add unlimited boxing classes to their existing membership. For those who wish to do boxing ONLY, the cost is $60/month or $100/10 Class Pass.

Class Times Include:

Tuesdays: 5:15AM - 6:15AM

Thursdays: 6PM - 7PM

Fridays: 5:15AM - 6:15AM

Saturdays: 9AM - 10AM

NOTE: Classes will not be available for sign up until Sunday, 2/27!!


Option #1 - We will send out a text asking if you would like to add by Tomorrow (Friday, 2/25). Just reply YES and we will get you set up!


Option #2 - Sign up Now!

Option #3 - Free Trial (3 Credits added to your account)



We are excited to announce that we have purchased an InBody Analyzer!

This is an awesome machine that allows you to measure not only Body Fat %, but skeletal and muscle mass and water weigh and BMI. It gives you an exact estimate of body fat loss to achieve ideal conditions.

You will have your own unique ID that allows you to compare your measurements over time.

Pricing Options

1) Per Usage Fee = $35

* Visit the Store on Your Glofox Member App any time you want to use the machine.

2) Monthly Package (Unlimited Use) = $20/Month (2 Months Minimum). Can cancel any time after the 2 months.

3) Annual Package (Unlimited Use for 12 months) = $150



Be sure to Wacth the Week One THEME Announcement Video below!

Here's how it works...

  • CrossFit Headquarters will announce a workout on Thursday at 3PM (for the next 3 weeks). Every CrossFitter IN THE WORLD participating in the open will complete this workout (as many times as they would like) by Monday, 8PM.

  • The Workout of the Day on FRIDAYS will be the open workout in all Fitcamp. High-Intensity Mix and Regular CrossFit Classes. So if you come to class, you are doing then open WOD! There will be CrossFit Rx and Scaled versions available as well ad Fitcamp Rx and Scaled versions available.

  • Your second option for completing the Open WOD will be at our Friday Night Lights event! We will start running heats at 6PM to be done on the CrossFit side, no matter your division. We will provide a link to sign up for a heat on Thursday via text and the facebook groups once they release the workout.

  • If you signed up to participate in the Newport Fitness Internal Open, you have been placed on a team. Adam, Raquel, Taylor and Emily are your captains!. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TEAMS. Here is how you can help your team earn points

  1. Do the workout! - You get one point for attempting the workout. However, please keep in mind that you MUST submit your score electronically ON TIME to get credit. We will send out a text on Thursday with more instructions on how to do this.

  2. Dress Up! - You get one point for dressing up. You can dress up on Friday during class or at our Friday Night Light Event OR whenever you attempt the workout throughout the weekend. YOU MUST SUBMIT A PIC!

  3. The top 4 scores will make up the workout score. So, if you have to modify, no worries! You won't be bringing the team down, we only count the Top 4 scores each week.

Here is how the divisions work...

We have decided to switch it up this year to make a more united CrossFit/Fitcamp Family! So, the 4 teams are combined of Fitcampers and CrossFitters. Your teams collectively will earn participation and dress up/theme points amongst CrossFitters & Fitcampers. However, the fitcamp scores and crossfit scores will be separate so that we do crown a CrossFit AND a Fitcamp Champion!

Example: 40 Teammates Total - Team One (25 CrossFitters, 15 Fitcampers)

Let's say all 40 people did the workout and dressed up. Let's say the Top 4 CrossFit Rx scores earned them 2nd place in the WOD and Let's say the the Top 4 Fitcamp Rx Scores earned them 3rd place in the WOD.

CrossFit Sore

Score 1 Participation = 40 = 1st Place (1)

Score 2 Theme = 40 = 1st Place (1)

Score 3 CrossFit Workout Top 4 = 2nd Place (2)

Total Places = 1 + 1 +2 = Overall score after week 1 = 4

Fitcamp Sore

Score 1 Participation = 40 = 1st Place (1)

Score 2 Theme = 40 = 1st Place (1)

Score 3 Fitcamp Workout Top 4 = 3rd Place (3)

Total Places = 1 + 1 +3 = Overall score after week 1 = 5

The lowest score at the end of the 3 weeks (aka - the lowest places) will crown a separate crossFit and Fitcamp Champ!



You are now able to schedule your classes using the Newport Fitness App on the schedule tab. If you visit the My Classes Section on the schedule tab, you can see a list of your past attended classes and upcoming booked classes.

You can see the number of people who are signed up for the class but unfortunately are not able to see who has registered for the class, but we are working on adding this back in and hope to have it ready soon!

If you receive an error, there are 2 possible reasons:

1) Your glofox email does not match your Newport Fitness email address. Sign out of the Newport Fitness app. Click on the WOD tab and Register at the top a new email address and password that matches your glofox email.

2) You have already registered for the class. Check the My Classes tab to be sure.

If you are still unable to schedule classes, please text 859-905-0271 and we will help you get it fixed!


Building renovations are well underway and we are getting closer to being done! Thank you so much for your patience and putting up with the mess and disorganization. If everything goes as planned, we will be all cleaned up and put back together by the end of March!

Here is a list of improvements made thus far:

  • The Lobby/Front entrance has been relocated to the CrossFit side. We still have to install our new sign and a few finishing touches, but otherwise this is complete!

  • Active Physical Therapy has been relocated to the CrossFit side just behind the new front desk. Be sure to stop in and check him out if needing any physical therapy needs!

  • A new hallway from the new entrance directly to kids room has been made.

  • We tore down the rest of the wall in the CrossFit area and added mats to expand the crossfit space. We STILL HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO WITH THIS! We will be replacing a lot of the old mats and repositioning them to get rid of the cracks. Stay tuned!

  • We built up the kids room wall up to the ceiling to make it quieter and also enclosed the kids area to keep them from the lockers, ice machine, etc. This created a separate locker area/lounge that will be spicing up in weeks to come with more cubby holes, Keurig coffee for sale, new TVs and paint.

Upcoming Renovations Include (Spring/Summer)

  • A second floor office and storage area will be built above the new lobby.

  • We are in the midst of relocating the hair salon, Bella Bar, to the existing front lobby. There is a new hallway between the salon and front restrooms. THIS IS ALMOST complete. Be sure to check out Bella Bar hair salon for all your styling needs!

  • All four restrooms will be painted. The front restrooms will have new flooring and repairs made to the sinks and showers and all new paper towel, hand soap and toilet paper dispensers have been added.

  • We will be knocking down the original Salon and Physical Therapy Walls to expand the Fitcamp area, adding more mats, turf and a retractable divider wall to allow for multiple activities at once (such as personal training, beginner crossfit and bringing back some kids classes, etc.)

  • Painting the outside of the building and making some other aesthetic improvements (Coming Spring/Summer)

  • New outdoor signage (Coming Spring/Summer)

  • AC for kids room (Coming Spring/Summer)



Thanks to all of the members who took the time to complete our survey and provide us with some excellent feedback and suggestions!

We take the surveys very seriously and use these as our base for making improvements year after year around the gym. In addition to this, we meet with each employee individually to discuss their trainer ratings providing them with the positive feedback from the survey and of course address any concerns that may have come up as well.

Here are few items/concerns that stood out on the survey that we wanted to address right away!!

1) The Mat Issue

We SINCERELY apologize for the liquid under the mats. We purchased a slightly used machine scrubber last year and have had LOTS of problems with it ever since. Unfortunately, the seller has been uncooperative in helping us fix it despite our months and months of efforts to try and repair it. It was not sucking up the disinfectant as it should have been and had gotten worse in recents times . We chose not to run the scrubber for the last several weeks to let all the disinfectant dry up and it has. The scrubber has since been repaired. Once all renovations are complete, we will be thoroughly cleaning the gym, addressing any issues under the mats and replace any mats that need to be replaced. All mats will be re-aligned to fix the cracks that have formed as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

2) Programming

With over 350 members at any given time, we will never fully be able to satisfy everyone's given desire in this area. However, we do appreciate the feedback and have decided to limit the long workouts to twice/week - Wednesday Sweatfest and Saturday Partner WODS. You will start to see more of a variety of shorter (8 minutes or less) and medium duration workouts (9 to 15 minutes) throughout the week.


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