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February 2022 Newsletter


CrossFit - Barbara Navas

"Barbara has immensely improved & has been such a joy to this gym. Her attitude and optimism is so vibrant. I've loved being her coach."

- Coach Quel

"She has been putting in a lot of extra work to improve her lifts and strength. She always works hard and has a great attitude."

- Anon. Member

"Barbara has made incredible progress! She is always trying her best and pushing those around her to do better as well."

- Coach Rachel

Fitcamp - Michelle Frey

"Works hard an is willing to help out."

- Anon. Member

"Michelle is a an absolute blast to have in class! Her determination is a "running" force of motivation for everyone in class! She always introduces herself to new faces and has an amazing energy to be around! Thank you Michelle for being my singing partner and part of our Newport Fitness FitFam!! #WhoopWhoop

- Coach Adam

Employee of the Month

Taylor has tackled her new position with determination and enthusiasm. She has put in the work to learn a lot of new systems in a short period of time and always puts in an extraordinary effort into coaching the classes. Thanks Taylor for all you do!

- Emily

"She is always so pleasant. She coaches and helps people and is a great motivator."

- Toni Schuh

"Taylor is very kind! She is an excellent teacher who actively walks around while teaching, makes motivating comments and quietly correcting any incorrect movements to avoid injury. She is energetic and very approachable! I great addition to the team!"

- Anon. Member




We are super excited to announce that Megan's MPIRE Boxing Bootcamp is now officially a part of the Newport Fitness Program!

Megan is an incredible instructor. She has created an awesome and super motivating class that incorporates a lot of Fitcamp and CrossFit elements combined with boxing stations. Her members LOVE her and her awesome programming!

For ONLY AN EXTRA $12/month (no contract commitment), all members can add unlimited boxing classes to their existing membership. For those who wish to do boxing ONLY, the cost is $60/month or $100/10 Class Pass.

Class Times Include:

Tuesdays: 5:15AM - 6:15AM

Thursdays: 6PM - 7PM